Whether it’s on the catwalk or in interior stores Mustard is definitely this season’s colour.  On its own Mustard, with its vibrant ‘tangy’ hue, can polarize opinion however used as an ascent colour a room will come into its own.


Modern Interiors

The soft greys, neutrals and bleached furniture that are associated with Hygee interior styling lends itself perfectly to a splash of Mustard. With this look, the key is to use enough of the colour for it to be consistent, but not too much that it dominates the room.

To maintain the relaxed ‘Scandi’ style, use it in an understated way – so no feature walls or curtains.  Instead think about layering the use of Mustard with items such as cushions, pictures, lamp or even rugs which feature the colour.  This will result in giving greater depth to your room or area – a true interior design appearance.


I am also loving the deeper colours that are featured in this Autumn’s interior magazines. 2019 has seen darker tinted blues and greens making an impact. Mustard sits perfectly with these hues, however in this case when its being toned with incredibly powerful colours if used too lightly it will be lost.

To create balance with all your chosen colours, you will need to use Mustard more confidently and incorporate examples such as a bold upholstered chair or a feature wall into your room design.  Finally, as a finishing touch consider introducing metal work such as gunmetal, bronze or rose gold finishes into your design which will compliment Mustard perfectly.


Traditional Interiors

Originally created by mixing clay with iron oxide, Mustard or Ochre tones in soft furnishings have been used for hundreds of years. With its’ popularity peaking in the Georgian era it is a colour often associated with the wealthy. Similarly it has been used in many of our stately homes and when newly decorated would have made quite a statement.

Fast forward to the 1970’s and trends in wallpapers and fabrics saw bold, large geometric patterns featuring Mustard.

Today with the retro influences again at the fore we see it fitting perfectly into patterned drapes and re-upholstered Ercol furniture.

I hope this has helped you to make sense of such a wonderful colour and how you can use it successfully in various interiors. Here are a few of my favourite fabrics from Linwood and Prestigious Textiles – call me for more details.


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