When visiting friends and family this festive time don’t forget to take a few minutes to check blind and curtain cords. Often you assess your own home, but do not necessarily consider your nearest and dearest’s when celebrating the season.

The Public Health Agency has just released a video highlighting the dangers of looped blind and curtain cords.

Please remember to:

  • Examine every blind. If they have a looped control chain or cord and do not have a safety device fitted, then you can easily install one of the many devices available.
  • Ensure that all operating blind cords and chains cannot be reached by children.
  • Move cots, beds and any furniture away from windows and blinds – remember children love to climb!

When buying a new blind, always look for one that does not contain cords, has concealed cords or has an in-built safety device and that complies with the new European Standards.”

Lets make it a ‘Blind Cord Safe Christmas’

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