Caring for your various soft furnishings is not considered the most exciting part of a household routine, but investing time in looking after your curtains and blinds will pay dividends.

Curtains and blinds

Unless you have a spillage on the window treatments, it is usually just a build up of general dust that that takes the pristine look away from your fabrics.

To keep them in good condition, use the upholstery nozzle on a half power setting, and periodically run the vacuum cleaner down the curtain pleats front and back. For blinds lower them and methodically gently run the nozzle across and down the fabric. It is recommended that window dressings should be maintained in this way approximately once a month.

For spillages there are a number of spot cleaners on the market for furnishings. However, please remember to follow the manufacturers instructions and to always carry out a spot test first.

All fabrics are prone to shrinkage – with tolerance levels of approximately 3-5%. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to wash lined or interlined curtains and blinds. Even dry cleaning can lead to shrinkage and puckering so a gentle occasional vacuum should delay the need to have your curtains cleaned.

Avoid pets sleeping on or against furnishings as the oils within their coats will over time mark fabrics and are very hard to remove.


Whether it be scatter or settee seat cushions, feather filled ones should be plumped daily to redistribute the feathers.

Settee cushions should also be turned over as this also helps prolong the life of feather cushions. When feathers start ‘leaking’ it is time to replace the pads.

Curtains & Blinds

To keep curtain poles and tracks running smoothly they need to be kept free of dust so wipe over with a damp cloth and periodically spray with a silicone.

To keep your soft furnishings in top condition handle them as little as possible, you may wish to consider corded tracks or draw rods particularly on pale or delicate fabrics.

Sunlight is the enemy of all fabrics with bleaching being a major problem. As a result it is important to minimize direct sunlight on furniture, curtains and carpets. This can be achieved with a simple unobtrusive roller blind, which can be easily drawn when required but provides a vital level of protection.


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