It’s like marmite you either love it or hate it, but linen is an exceptionally popular soft furnishing fabric used because of its strength and dyeing ability.

Linen is a natural fabric made from Flax stems, which following a number of processes becomes what we know as linen. Flax predominately grows in cool climates with some of the best originating from Western Europe including Ireland and Scotland.

Linen production was at its peak towards the end of the 2nd World War when it was used for hosepipes, parachute webbing and aeroplane fabric. Now it is more widely used for fashion and soft furnishings with the finest table and bed linen being made from pure linen.

Due to the lengthy process of growing flax and then its processing, linen is an expensive fabric. From a soft furnishings perspective, here at Panache Interiors, we love working with it as it drapes beautifully, with both weight and depth to it. Due to the strength of the flax it also works well for upholstery and loose cover work. In addition it is often used as a base cloth for patterns to be printed and for embroidered clothes.

For a wide selection of linen fabrics, Romo Fabrics offer a linen union fabric in 360 beautiful colours. This is one of the most frequently used fabrics in the workroom and perfect for curtains, blinds, loose covers and upholstery. It is a mix fabric, with linen combined with viscose and cotton to help limit creasing when handling.





Alternatively Sanderson produce some stunning designs in very versatile linen based fabrics. These can be used for all soft furnishings and feature colours which have a real depth and vibrancy to them – they look simply stunning!

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